The Last Island
Cool Blue Swing
All The Tea In China
Blue Guitar
Heaven Help Us
Dirty Hands Dirty Feet
Singing In Your Cage
BB's Got The Blues
Romeo's Garage
Under Your Spell
Approaching Caroline
The Onion
Moonlight Over Paris
India / Teach Your Children
The One For Me
Chain Of Love
Piece of Paradise
Faith In Angels / All You Need Is Love

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Under Your Spell (Live)
Peter Mayer

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"For three dates in July and August 2011, we recorded the band of musicians that Ive had the privilege of sharing the stage with for the past five years. With the sonic palette and stylistic abilities of Scott, Chris, Marc and Maggie, each night has been a new adventure. From time to time wed be playing on a porch, in a living room or before a show and several of us would remark, 'this feels really good, we should record this.' We had been releasing our own sound board CDs after shows for several years, but never had put together a complete set of songs that could be recorded well, mixed and released as a full album. "

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