Walkin On Thin Ice
4 Good Dogs
Little Blue Boat
I Tried
We're Not Getting Older (just getting bitter)
Northern Town
A Night On The Beach
The Smallest Of Islands
Heart Of A Beach Town
Lucky Enough
If Once You've Slept On An Island
Last Flying Boat

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A Night on the Beach!
Scott Kirby

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Little Flock Music proudly announces the release of A Night On The Beach!, Scott Kirbyís first live CD, featuring three new original songs: "I Tried," "Northern Town," and "A Night On The Beach."

A Night On The Beach! was recorded live in a single performance on the beach at the Casa Marina resort, on Key West, FL, before a crowd of about a thousand festive folks in town for the annual Parrot Heads in Paradise bash.

"As some of you may know, most live CDs are recorded over the course of five or six performances and then the best tracks are edited together into what sounds like a single, seamless performance. Attempting a one shot deal like this was a high wire act from the get-go. I told all my friends in the band to just go for it. First and foremost, I wanted to put on a great show and didnít want them to play safe just because the "record" button was on. This world-class group of musicians put on a phenomenal performance, the recording turned out great, and we now have the CD to take us back to A Night On The Beach!" —Scott Kirby

Joining Scott on this project are David Edmisten, Peter Mayer, Gabriel Donohue, Emily Leader, Matt Thompson, Andy Thompson and R. Scott Bryan.

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